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Ok, I got it
sweetie n shorty 4eva
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ChEeKy ChAzZa AkA cHaRlEa Or SwEeTiE
Dis is in singapore 2003 wiv da dolphins fab hol werent it babe :P lol memba da pool bout 6am pmsl! luv ya lots like jelly tots xxxxxxxx
Charlea agen i luv her to bits shes one of dem ppl dat is most special to me i dnt fink i wud be able to cope wivout nd i kno shes always der wen i need to tlk bout enyfin init babe :P lol dnt she look innocent? i fink not lol luv ya lots like jelly tots xxxxxxx
SeXi SoPh aka SoPh Or sHoRtY
Ryt dis is me agen lol i look so bloody stoned lol it a bad pic bt it shows ow diff i am becoming lol anyways ChEeKy ChArLeA n SeXi SoPh 4eva!! :D xxxxxxx
Me agen lookin stoned as enyfin lol i wz rund my m8s nd we gt pissed nd took stupid pics on cam omg cn neva 4get it lol :P init sxc piccies i look lyk crap bt o well! lol xxxxx
OMG da madness wiv dem bois on d way bk to urs will neva 4gt it all daway ova da bridge nd evryfin aint it babe :P lol memba wen we wz waitin 4 da chips lol nd we nearly dropped dem nd ran as mcfly came on lol stil gt da vids on my fone pmsl nd da whistles lmao!! :P da busted nd mcfly concert wz da best eva   - memba on da train bk ome nd dem japenease ppl filming us pmsl!! lulljt sweetie xxxxxx
Us 2 sExI bItChEs NoW!! lol :D
xXx ChEeKy ChArLeA n SeXi SoPh xXx
I luv her to bits i cudnt actualli ask for a betta cousin than this gorgeous gal! :D shes propa aite nd she always der wen ya need er 4 enyfin nd she makes me laugh all da tym memba da cows n da milk lol wers d camera?? LMAO i wish she lived closer she lives in essex bt wish we saw each ova more often anyways luv u lots like jelly tots mwah xxxxxxxx